11 December, 2013

vivaldi helps your brain...

…or at least i hope he does.

i'm studying for our project management final exam, and it's a slow hard slog. i had an equally difficult time of it during the midterm, and felt like i had to have my hand held through the entire final class project. to say this isn't my best subject is putting it mildly.

and damn, it's hard to study with all the yawning i am doing.

the blogging don't help either.

keep your digits crossed for yours truly, starting around 2pm mountain standard time. it'd be the ultimate irony if i failed this course, what with all the bitching i've been doing about how easy they all are on us.


1 comment:

Geneviève Goggin said...

All digits crossed. You will do well, because that's what you do.