18 December, 2013

things happen - many lots

spent monday hanging out with the lovely s and crusty juggler. it was a fabulous laughter-filled girlie day of shopping, idiocy, inappropriate comments and much swearing. it's funny, but since crusty moved to calgary this june, we've hardly spent any time together at all, both of us busy with school-related activities and such. it was fantastic to just spend the day together perusing the dusty shelves of a giant antique mall or howling with laughter as we walked out of a discount store inexplicably jointly carrying a rather light plastic bag, tippy-toeing all geisha-like across the ice.

yesterday i had my teeth cleaned at my old office. each and every time i go back, i am astonished that this, this very thing, was my life for almost 2 decades. it feels more and more like something that happened to someone else, possibly in a dream or maybe a movie starring some third rate actors whose faces seem familiar but whose names are nowhere near the A-list.

afterwards i splurged on a one-on-one yoga session with a professional instructor. it's a good thing too, or come spring i might have been seriously debilitated - apparently i'd been doing pretty much everything wrong. no wonder my shoulder blades were starting to feel like i'd been repeatedly stabbed with a hockey skate. it's a miracle i can still walk. but hey, now i know how to do it right. also, i'm in pain. but the good kind for a change.

this afternoon i went to my oldest niece's christmas concert. this was, by far, the highlight of my week. i figured that organizing a dozen or so 2-3-year-olds into singing christmas carols coherently would be akin to herding ADHD cats high on catnip, but the nuns (yes, nuns, and lovely ones too: friendly, calm, warm and loving, the kind you figure don't actually exist outside of "the sound of music") did an amazing job of it and the wee ones (the ones who weren't sobbing uncontrollably in their mamas' laps) got into it with gusto. my niece was the obvious star of the show (takes after her aunt, that one, little spotlight hog!), singing the loudest, making the biggest gestures, really getting into it. i was laughing my ass off but with tears in my eyes. it was simultaneously hilarious, adorable, delightful and all sorts of painfully cute. then i found out she'd been telling all the nuns that i'd be coming to the concert. my heart contracts just to think of that - that i should have special meaning to her is beyond anything i'd ever hoped for. indulge me, if you will, but to know that she sees me as a significant part of her life makes me humble beyond belief. yeah, i know, i know, but it's true...

spent the rest of the night hanging out with my sister-in-law and my wee nephew who is adorable but so very busy and energetic that i ended up calling mr. monkey at one point and telling him to GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW, I MEAN RIGHT THIS SECOND so we could manage to do what needed to be done. what needed to be done was making fudge and cookies and drinking wine and cooking dinner and it's pretty much impossible with a 1.5 year old boy who wants to do EVERYTHING.

and so another day of loveliness comes to an end. tomorrow i have a drink date with a fellow summer student from my miraculous summer job. this christmas thing is really really nice. wish we could do it more often.

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Tom said...

Good to hear you're having a good time. Hope it continues. Listening to school Christmas concerts in which my children took part, is something I had almost forgotten about. It is all so very important to them, and rightly so. Equally so were the orchestral performances by young peoples' orchestras, with which I was involved in later years.

Thanks for the memory jog, Agnieszka.