09 December, 2013

the blame game

as i was packing up my lunch, snacks, laptop and assorted whatsits to take to school this morning, my eyes fell on a bottle of wine i had bought for my roommate this saturday.* lo and behold it was open. had it been closed, i would have walked away. because it was open, i poured its contents into my travel mug and took it to school.

after our presentations we had a group meeting for tomorrow's presentation. this particular group likes their wineses, oh yes. when i mentioned the wine, r nipped into his locker and brought out another bottle. thusly, between the three of us (c abstained, oh miracle of miracles!) we finished off a litre and a half of wine while working on a power point presentation and rehearsing in an increasingly haphazard manner. 

came home. sobered up.

much later, at home, talking to my fabulous roommate:

moi: you know, it's your fault. if you hadn't opened the bottle i never would have taken the wine to school…. and drank it.

mfr: you took wine to school? damn, i miss school!

*a minute later*

mfr: you know, it's not my fault.

moi: oh no? how is that?

mfr: i also opened the cheez whiz AND the jam and both still seem to be in the fridge.

moi: ...

*because i had accidentally drank a bottle of his wine earlier last week.


Geneviève Goggin said...

Ummmm...Cheez Whiz...now we're talking.
Good luck with the last bits before your well-deserved holidays!

polish chick said...

ugh. i'd never put that in my mouth. yuck!

Tom said...