03 December, 2013

project management: boring! presenting: fun!

i'm sitting in class, drinking a surreptitious gin and tonic from my travel mug. our group just finished presenting on the most boring topic known to mankind: project management. we were the first to go, dressed to the nines in "professional attire" as demanded of us during one of the most patronizing lectures of the semester. having done and gone, i can now relax into my boredom, drink my drink and take the rest of the evening off.

when we returned to our seats, c found a charming note on his desk, a short but direct missive evaluating our performance. e was told she was good. i was told i was elegant and perfect (yeah, i get that A LOT) and c? poor guy was told he had tummy and needed to lose it. i was going to post the note, but found it was so shockingly illiterate and rude that it would do nothing but reflect badly on the quality of my education. this is why i'm drinking.

ah, technology. i used to be bad about passing notes in class (my need for communication has always been insatiable!) c and i are sitting side by side, facebook chatting to each other.

over and out. onward and upward. on to the next milestone!!!


Zhoen said...

I never passed notes until high school, and it would be a whole notebook that we passed, with notes one after the other. Like in iChat.

Such a great media for comedy.

Friko said...

milestone? next milestone?
where’s the current one, or what is it?

Well, you said you wanted a comment.

polish chick said...

the most recent milestone was the presentation i was writing about. the next milestone is the essay i am about to send in, along with a poster. following that, two more presentations and an exam. there you have it, friko, ALL of my end-of-school milestones all laid out neatly one by one.

also, hi, welcome, welcome!