11 December, 2013

mysteries of the universe

i'm describing to my fabulous roommate a certain somebody who bores me. somebody dull and always mildly unwashed and bland and… well, not my favourite person. not at all. i don't dislike her, i merely find her…unnecessary.

at first, i describe her as a long soft wet noodle. this mysteriously veers off into golf. that is never a good thing. i don't know anything about golf. i don't want to know anything about golf.

i try again.

moi: you know snuffleupagus from sesame street? she's like that. but taller. and hairless.

mfr: OH GOD! i HATE hairless animals!!!

methinks it's time to go to bed.


Geneviève Goggin said...

Oh, but I love Snuffleupagus (though I'll admit I had no idea how to spell it). That said your description would make for a very strange human indeed.
Get to bed and kick some ass on that exam tomorrow!

polish chick said...

i always found him to be dull and weird and unnecessary. but that's just me. maybe i'm just not that into wooly mammoths…or whatever he was.

Tom said...

Good luck with your finals, although with the effort you have put into this course, I doubt that luck will be needed. All the same, as it's traditional, "Bonne Chance!"