31 December, 2013

happy new year

we are having a rather large new year's eve soiree tonight, so i must go forth and buy last minute supplies, meet some folk, decorate the premises and generally get myself into party mode. as is typical, right before the party i am second guessing my desire to host one. it's not as bad as usual - for instance, i am not contemplating phoning everyone and announcing that, as i have ebola, the festivities have been cancelled. i'm certain it'll be fun, though we're including all the wee ones in this year's invitation and that might prove interesting.

although i sometimes get grumpy about these things and grumble how it's random and meaningless, still, we need special dates to frame the passage of time and so the new year approaches. i wish you all the best, my poultries: health, peace, joy, adventures and many smiles. i hope you reach out for whatever dreams you've kept on the back burner: as someone who did just that a couple of year back, i can tell you that it's very much worth it. i hope you choose to be a little more forgiving (both of yourself and others, though it's the former that usually gives the greater difficulty), more loving, less prone to anger and more willing to see the good in things. all these are things i wish for myself as well, lest you think i'm admonishing you from some great and lofty height.

happy new year!


Tom said...

And a happy new year to you, Agnieszka.

Lucy said...

Those are excellent wishes, and I send them back to you in turn. A very happy New Year to you, and enjoy your party, I shall think of you when I turn over and go back to sleep!

Zhoen said...

If only because everyone has the same time off work.

Happy New Year.

Geneviève Goggin said...

Happy new year! Your wishes very much resonate with me. Have a fabulous 2014!