07 December, 2013


today i was overwhelmed by seemingly random waves of anger. anger at a classmate. anger at a person who fails to understand the two-way nature of friendship. anger at myself for letting this get to me. anger at the idiots who don't seem to know the difference between -10ºC and -36ºC. this last one is a seasonal anger that i can't seem to get over. people here love to bitch about the weather, but can't grasp the simple fact (i apologize, but this bit is a repeat of every angry post of every alberta winter ever) that if one dresses differently for 10ºC than for 36ºC, the same holds true for the negative numbers. if i see one more ijit wearing a leather jacket, a hoodie and no gloves or hat, so help me god, i shall wreak some kind of vengeance (waiting for the gangrene to set in takes too long - i want justice NOW). they stand, they shiver, their hands turn purple, and they continue to believe that they look…cool? cold. COLD is what they look like. stupid cold….sigh.

i met my lovely friends (crusty juggler and her boyfriend d) for a bout of shopping. we then bussed it to my favourite calgary pub where we ate and drank and enjoyed ourselves. i walked home (30 min, -20ºC), stopped by a liquor store that played mozart instead of nickelback, picked up some wine and bourbon, then stopped at a late night purveyor of cheap chocolatey goodness where i got myself some dessert. most calgarians would see it as insane, this walking home in -20ºC but to me, it's just part of the love affair with winter. yes, i love the cold. the streets covered in a thick layer of sparkling ice do something to me, make me glow. i know, i know, i'd love to live in the balmy greenness of british columbia, but hot damn, if this frozen wonderland doesn't make my heart sing. and the walk, it seems to have taken the anger entirely away. why, i'm positively aglow with goodwill to (almost) all mankind.

by the way, my poultries, if i've been AWOL lately it's not because i'm happy, but because school is coming to a rapid end. two more presentations, one final exam and i'm done. what comes next? next on my agenda is spending a leisurely day decorating my tree, and baking some goddamn cookies. after all, it ain't christmas without the tree and the cookies, now is it?


the auntologist said...

Walks are excellent mood improvers. I'm a big fan. Just yesterday on my walk I noticed the bull had to wait outside the barn while all his ladies were being milked and he did not like it one bit. It reminded me irresistably of a man waiting outside the women's bathroom, wondering what they were all doing in there all that time. Walks are magic because they put things in your brain that wouldn't have been there otherwise, plus my dog adores them (much better than romping in open woods/fields--isn't that odd?) and I physically feel amazing afterward. Walks! Even in the cold, so worth it.

polish chick said...

amen, sister aunt! provided one is dressed for the elements, a walk is one of the best things out there!

Tom said...

The trouble with anger (only one?), as with all the other emotions - particularly the negative variety - is that no matter how often they are aired, they keep coming back again. They're a bit like warts, corns, facial hair, or spots, at least so I understand. That isn't to say we should ignore them, or pretend they don't exist. Oh dear me, no!

I have never understood why the Church considers anger to be a sin. It usually gives me a feeling of get-up-and-go! Anger is simply anger, neither good nor bad. It's, surely, what we do with it that counts.

Can't disagree with what Auntologist says about walks, although I do have to say that hanging around women's bathrooms is not my 'thing'. I think it's probably better if we males don't know what goes on inside those hallowed spaces. :)

Talking about it on your blog is a very entertaining use for it.

Geneviève Goggin said...

It seems so basic that you should wear different things in different weather. And yet my son insisted on wearing shorts and a hoody in yesterday's -5 weather. He also wears that in pouring rain. And he is not alone. Weirdos.
I agree that walking is one of the best mood boosters. I walked along the seawall yesterday and came back feeling like I'd swept the cobwebs out oft brain.
Have a happy Sunday!