31 December, 2013

happy new year

we are having a rather large new year's eve soiree tonight, so i must go forth and buy last minute supplies, meet some folk, decorate the premises and generally get myself into party mode. as is typical, right before the party i am second guessing my desire to host one. it's not as bad as usual - for instance, i am not contemplating phoning everyone and announcing that, as i have ebola, the festivities have been cancelled. i'm certain it'll be fun, though we're including all the wee ones in this year's invitation and that might prove interesting.

although i sometimes get grumpy about these things and grumble how it's random and meaningless, still, we need special dates to frame the passage of time and so the new year approaches. i wish you all the best, my poultries: health, peace, joy, adventures and many smiles. i hope you reach out for whatever dreams you've kept on the back burner: as someone who did just that a couple of year back, i can tell you that it's very much worth it. i hope you choose to be a little more forgiving (both of yourself and others, though it's the former that usually gives the greater difficulty), more loving, less prone to anger and more willing to see the good in things. all these are things i wish for myself as well, lest you think i'm admonishing you from some great and lofty height.

happy new year!

27 December, 2013

wrong? yes, wrong.

my dear poultries,

it turns out that sometimes, hard as it is to believe, i jump to judgment that is unfair. in the interest of fairness i must hereby proclaim that snuffleupagus is actually quite nice when taken out of her usual overwhelming surroundings. i feel like an utter twat and i would like to stand here in public and shamefacedly proclaim myself wrong.

true, you don't know snuffleupagus and most of you have no idea who i am talking about, but those who do, need to know about my change of heart. judgmental twatdom is the frequent occasional corollary of snobby opinionatedness and there you have it. i was wrong.

the year in review

as it's coming up to that time of year, and as i'm up rather early to get in my shower before some sort of plumbing maintenance shuts the water off for the day and have a couple hours to spare, i thought i'd write my year-in-review a few days early.

it's been a hell of a year, hasn't it? it began, auspiciously enough, with a bout of stomach flu that had me and crusty juggler* languishing on couches and taking turns hobbling to the kitchen to provide ginger tea for whoever was weaker at the moment. as soon as the vomiting ended, school began.

second semester must have been fine, because my recollection of it is hazy at best. there were courses that featured finance, excel ™, maps and other things that interest me not at all. there was one course that was interesting but ended up with my one patently unfair mark, a subject that you can feel free to bring up if you want to see me instantly turn into an angry bitter thing.** this semester solidified my awesome partnership and friendship with c.

when school ended, i took advantage of a ridiculous seat sale and flew to new york where i spent a week drooling over their public realm, drinking great coffee and catching up with the ever lovely d.

following the big apple adventure, i started my summer job at stantec - likely my best summer to date. i have liked jobs in the past, but i have never loved them to the point of absurdity. i suddenly understood how people could be passionate about work, how they could voluntarily stay after hours and work over lunch. i fell just a little in love with almost every one of my co-workers, i jiggled with joy over even the most mundane projects, and had only one day of doubt. i became a subscriber to the TGIM*** club and drove my friends crazy with my constant blather about how fucking awesome everything was. i suspect that during this period people began to avoid me, or change the subject when work came up. luckily, i lost no friends though i fear it might have come close: nobody wants to be around a negative nelly, but a perpetually positive penelope can be just as annoying what with the constant gushing.

when my summer job ended i celebrated by doing something i'd never done before - i took a road trip to vancouver island all by myself. this proved to me that hey, i can navigate a mountain pass AND a huge city by my lonesome. it was a good trip - i caught up with old friends, got to spend time with newer ones, and learned a hell of a lot about myself in the process. driving the coquihalla, singing along to your favourite tunes is a pretty damn fabulous thing to do by yourself: the views are spectacular, the driving smooth, and the opportunity to gaze into your own soul unparalleled.

ah, yes, the opportunity to gaze into your own soul… this brings me to the part where i fell off the edge into the abyss. following the incredible summer and the educational road trip i fell into a deep dark hole and my long time readers need no further explanation - this blog became my therapy. from september to mid october, i was lost at sea, wandering in the dark, trudging through the vale of tears and all sorts of other metaphorical badnesses. things were profoundly Not Good. then came amsterdam.

despite the utter lack of organization in my faculty, c managed to get himself signed up for a course in amsterdam and then dragged my reluctant ass along for the ride. beginning of october found me, mister monkey and c crossing the big water and meeting up in brussels. aside from the waffles and the grand place, brussels failed to really impress. we also hit bruges, which did. then mr. m headed east to the old country while c and i took the train to amsterdam where i promptly fell head over heels in love. while coming back to canada was tough, i seemed to have left my sadness somewhere over the atlantic and lo, there it stayed.

the rest of the semester was punctuated by awe and respect for the great work of some of my classmates, and awe and disgust at the quality of some of the others. we worked our collective butts off and managed to get everything done and lo, the semester ended, i grabbed crusty juggler by the scruff of her neck and we drove north for the holidays.

and now, having done a thoroughly dull recap, let's see what lessons i have learned:

1. this bout of depression taught me to take things one day at a time, as cliched as that sounds. i took the good days and wallowed in them because they were so very precious in the midst of the darkness. it also meant that the dark days were less terrifying, because i knew that they would come and they would go and i would be left standing among the wreckage.

2. speaking of cliches, a very wise friend told me to not dismiss cliches because despite our society's attempts to cheapen special experiences by turning them into caricatures, they remain worthwhile and important. thank you, b.

3. two people from my program, c and k, have separately told me that they consider me their one friend in the class. because i feel strongly about both of them, this is beyond touching and humbling and awe-inspiring. if not for them, my school experience would have been a hell of a lot less fabulous.

4. although some days it's pretty close to impossible, it's essential to focus on the positives because the negatives can destroy your sense of equanimity: no matter how stupid some of my classmates are, there are enough intelligent and talented ones to make my own accomplishments count. i suspect this is a lesson i shall need to continue to revisit over the coming semester.

5. soul searching will only take you so far. there comes a point where you need to pick up the shovel and get on with life. some things can be thought out; some need to be put on the back burner after a while for life to sort out in its own time.

6. i might want to do a PhD! who knew?!

7. my babies - i loves them. no news here, but man, i really really REALLY loves my babies! despite this, i am more than ever certain that motherhood is not something i would ever want to attempt. waaay the hell too much work, commitment and all that jazz. two houseplants and my second-hand babies are pretty much where i want to be.

8. my roommate is fabulous. i shall miss him a tonne when spring rolls around.

9. the people in my life are a bloody miracle, and that includes all of you who have been here with me through the darkness. thank you for your kind words, your emails, your support. i couldn't have done it without you and thank you for your patience with me.

10. when all things are tallied up, life is good.

and on that note, i hope the new year brings you health, love and peace, my poultries, all the rest is secondary.

*alas and alack, right around that time, crusty succumbed to the charms of my good friend d and is no longer spending christmases chez nous, but is instead cozily ensconced three blocks to the west. i wish them well - having two of your favourite people hit it off swimmingly is as fabulous as it is rare.

**more than usual, i mean.

*** thank god it's monday - and yes, i realise how annoying that is.

24 December, 2013

good wishes

merry christmas, my darling poultries. wherever you are, whatever you have planned, may it go swimmingly! may you all twinkle merrily through the dark winter nights!

19 December, 2013

ice queen

headed out this morning with crusty juggler for another day of shoppingery and hilarity: the morning was, so far, the coldest of the year - -38ºC with windchill, if i recall correctly, and i was just a tiny bit apprehensive when i set out. alas and alack, the day, utterly devoid of the slightest bit of moisture was glorious: the air was crisp and slightly shocking on the lungs, but gods above, i do love me a dry cold. for those of you who find the idea of -38ºC shocking, please believe me when i say that this morning was far far more pleasant than the soggy humid mess of a weather we had last week at -4ºC. there is a way one can bundle against a dry -38ºC that is impossible with a soggy -4ºC. if you've never experienced a glorious sparkling dry cold winter, you must take it on faith. please do, because once i scraped the frost off the car and stomped the snow off my boots, i felt filled with the kind of joy only a perfect day can bring. when crusty juggler joined me she said she knew i'd be in a good mood precisely because the mercury had finally dropped. she does know me well, that one.

we had another fabulous day of shoppingery - clothings, food things, drink things and other things. after i dropped her off i had to make two trips to bring all my purchases into the house. alas, i made a rather elementary mistake of putting a plastic jug of milk in the same bag as not one but two saws* which resulted in milk spillage. word to the wise - a saw and a plastic jug do not mix well. at my advanced age, i should have seen that coming.

later in the afternoon, i met my past summer student co-worker for drinks at my new favourite edmonton watering hole where the drinks ain't cheap but they sure is good, and where the cheese is plentiful and rich. we ate, drank and partook of the cheese, and lo, it was good.

once home again, i began baking - an extra spicy gingerbread (2 loaves) and many lots of earl grey shortbread cookies are cooling as i write and almond crescents are readying in the fridge while i listen to the signal and write.

tomorrow beckons with a visit to the acupuncturist and more cookery and baking and crafts with crusty and her man. life, my darlings, is such a blessed thing. i feel much compassion for the crying beast i was in the months before - gladness at being here and now is a glorious understatement. it's cold. tomorrow it'll snow. life - a multi-faceted thing that sparkles when the light hits it just right, and it's hitting it right these days!

*crusty juggler had a problem with her christmas tree. i don't judge, i just lend saws.

18 December, 2013

things happen - many lots

spent monday hanging out with the lovely s and crusty juggler. it was a fabulous laughter-filled girlie day of shopping, idiocy, inappropriate comments and much swearing. it's funny, but since crusty moved to calgary this june, we've hardly spent any time together at all, both of us busy with school-related activities and such. it was fantastic to just spend the day together perusing the dusty shelves of a giant antique mall or howling with laughter as we walked out of a discount store inexplicably jointly carrying a rather light plastic bag, tippy-toeing all geisha-like across the ice.

yesterday i had my teeth cleaned at my old office. each and every time i go back, i am astonished that this, this very thing, was my life for almost 2 decades. it feels more and more like something that happened to someone else, possibly in a dream or maybe a movie starring some third rate actors whose faces seem familiar but whose names are nowhere near the A-list.

afterwards i splurged on a one-on-one yoga session with a professional instructor. it's a good thing too, or come spring i might have been seriously debilitated - apparently i'd been doing pretty much everything wrong. no wonder my shoulder blades were starting to feel like i'd been repeatedly stabbed with a hockey skate. it's a miracle i can still walk. but hey, now i know how to do it right. also, i'm in pain. but the good kind for a change.

this afternoon i went to my oldest niece's christmas concert. this was, by far, the highlight of my week. i figured that organizing a dozen or so 2-3-year-olds into singing christmas carols coherently would be akin to herding ADHD cats high on catnip, but the nuns (yes, nuns, and lovely ones too: friendly, calm, warm and loving, the kind you figure don't actually exist outside of "the sound of music") did an amazing job of it and the wee ones (the ones who weren't sobbing uncontrollably in their mamas' laps) got into it with gusto. my niece was the obvious star of the show (takes after her aunt, that one, little spotlight hog!), singing the loudest, making the biggest gestures, really getting into it. i was laughing my ass off but with tears in my eyes. it was simultaneously hilarious, adorable, delightful and all sorts of painfully cute. then i found out she'd been telling all the nuns that i'd be coming to the concert. my heart contracts just to think of that - that i should have special meaning to her is beyond anything i'd ever hoped for. indulge me, if you will, but to know that she sees me as a significant part of her life makes me humble beyond belief. yeah, i know, i know, but it's true...

spent the rest of the night hanging out with my sister-in-law and my wee nephew who is adorable but so very busy and energetic that i ended up calling mr. monkey at one point and telling him to GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW, I MEAN RIGHT THIS SECOND so we could manage to do what needed to be done. what needed to be done was making fudge and cookies and drinking wine and cooking dinner and it's pretty much impossible with a 1.5 year old boy who wants to do EVERYTHING.

and so another day of loveliness comes to an end. tomorrow i have a drink date with a fellow summer student from my miraculous summer job. this christmas thing is really really nice. wish we could do it more often.

14 December, 2013

baby therapy

spent the evening with my two nieces. before the birth of the first one, i don't think i really knew how much one could love a little human that didn't really say all that much or contribute anything other than various bodily fluids oozing out all over the place.  but man, to see the joy on the face of my oldest niece (3.5 years) when she realises it's me at the door, it's the very best kind of heart break. the kind that breaks you open to all the good things in the world.

tossed her in the air a few times. twirled her around until i fell down (the drama was only partly pretend - in my day-to-day adult life i really rarely twirl). hugged, tickled, kissed, drew pictures, played with blocks - all the most wonderful stuff.

then, when the youngest (14mo) refused to sleep because, hey! everyone else is having a party downstairs, i held her in my lap, fed her watermelon, tickled her feet, rubbed her belly and let her do her magic thing (this kid sucks the bad mojo out of anyone - even me! they could make a tonne of money on her on the mental health circuit!).

man, i love my babies… life is suddenly so much better, and it's been pretty damn good for a good longish while.

12 December, 2013

percocet pizza

and the lord spake unto me with a voice like the trumpeting of… trumpets, and told me that, yea verily, some studying needed to be done this morn. and lo, i listened unto the lord and i sat and my laptop opened up before me like the ten commandments that moses brought from the mountain (except horizontal-like). and there, on the silver tablets, sat words. words and numbers. sometimes even badly drawn diagrams. often, no sense could be made. and i know you don't believe me because you might have figgered out by now that i am prone to ever so slight exaggeration, but not this time. nope. for instance, this nice man lectured us multiple times about…well, not quite sure. leadership skillz, mebbe? a lot of dr. phil type drivel. encouraging the heart. communicating. active listening. and very very poor graphics. no, really! look! title vis-a-vis content! hilarious! there's neither organization nor constraint!

anyone who can explain this to me wins a slightly used but still relatively shiny whatsit. i think drugs might have been involved in the creation of the graphics. they are joyous and festive, though, non? just in time for the season! yay! colours! many many colours! look at all the colours! wheeee!

so lo, i sate down and studied some more. my eyes they did doth (huh?) glaze over, but on i read. and lo, this is what i found:

now this one, well, we became old friends because every time the speaker came to lecture (too many times, oh lord, too many times), at some point in his power point this would make an appearance. none of us, not a single solitary one, could figure out why in the name of all that is good and holy the numbers are aligned in this way. and what the symbols mean. perhaps it's some sort of aztec thing. or maybe early assyrian. no clue. if you understand cuneiform, maybe you can let me know in the comments section.

so yeah, i glazedly gazed over the ghastliness of our notes, picked out the bits that made some kind of sense, had mfr explain certain complicated project-funding matters that he made surprisingly simple, and then made my way schoolward.

the exam was fairly fair (words. hard.) and i wrote it with gleeful abandon until brought to a shuddering halt by question 49 (QUESTION 49!!! those words did later ring forth through the beer halls of the university as my fellow classmates straggled in bleary-eyed muttering under their breath, "qqquuestionnn 49…", twitching convulsively with the number on their parched and trembling lips).

i shall admit that on first reading question 49 made me want to run screaming from the room. but it was worth 50% of the exam which was worth 40% of our final mark and so i talked gently but firmly to myself, loosened my grip on my pencil and did the best i could and then it was over.

beer with classmates. bus home. fight with mother on the phone. dexter on tv with roommate. too much pizza with said roommate. and now blogging with impunity (as opposed to all the blogging with punity* that i'd been engaging in for the past few weeks).

tomorrow i drive north with crusty juggler and there we shall remain until the year turns, feasting and merrymaking with friends and family.

*down with punity! down, i say!

11 December, 2013

mysteries of the universe

i'm describing to my fabulous roommate a certain somebody who bores me. somebody dull and always mildly unwashed and bland and… well, not my favourite person. not at all. i don't dislike her, i merely find her…unnecessary.

at first, i describe her as a long soft wet noodle. this mysteriously veers off into golf. that is never a good thing. i don't know anything about golf. i don't want to know anything about golf.

i try again.

moi: you know snuffleupagus from sesame street? she's like that. but taller. and hairless.

mfr: OH GOD! i HATE hairless animals!!!

methinks it's time to go to bed.

vivaldi helps your brain...

…or at least i hope he does.

i'm studying for our project management final exam, and it's a slow hard slog. i had an equally difficult time of it during the midterm, and felt like i had to have my hand held through the entire final class project. to say this isn't my best subject is putting it mildly.

and damn, it's hard to study with all the yawning i am doing.

the blogging don't help either.

keep your digits crossed for yours truly, starting around 2pm mountain standard time. it'd be the ultimate irony if i failed this course, what with all the bitching i've been doing about how easy they all are on us.


a question of focus

yesterday we had our final presentations.

my group rocked it and made me love them oh so very much. many of my classmates also did me proud. there were several groups that absolutely nailed it: they spoke professionally; their ideas were thoughtful and well designed; their graphics were beautiful and it was gratifying to be in the same class with them. several were…well…."ok" i suppose covers it. graphically uninspired but adequate. no pride but no shame, either.

and then, then there were the ones that routinely make me wonder about the vetting process for potential grad school candidates. a couple presentations showed such a total and complete lack of basic understanding of the rather simple concepts that have been pounded into our heads for the last three semesters that the only possible explanations are either utter idiocy or… no, wait, i think utter idiocy is the only possible explanation. i shan't bore you with the technical details, but suffice it to say, they were the urban planning equivalent of a mathematics grad student proudly announcing that 2+2=5.

on top of showcasing an utter lack of understanding of the basic principles that inform today's urban planning, they were graphically awful. awful. i'd have done a better job. hell, a blind arthritic one-armed monkey with a cast on would have done a better job. and, for the most part, these were the people in the design stream of our program.

one presentation in particular felt like a sucker punch. the only thing that made it marginally bearable was knowing that the professional panel that had listened in on several of our presentations had left before this. i really don't have words to express how utterly awful it was: a cornucopia of stupidity, idiocy, ignorance and ugliness, sprinkled liberally with a cocky assurance of being absolutely correct. again, imagine hearing your mathematics grad school classmates proclaiming that 2+2=5 and then not getting called on it, in the name of what? preserving their precious self-esteem? "kindness"? i am shocked and appalled.

it was so bad that when they returned to their seats i had to avert my gaze, because there was no way in hell i would be able to utter that requisite polite "good job!" that we normally toss at each other. i would have choked on it.

a bunch of us went out for dinner after, and on the drive there, c and i discussed the situation. we were both so disgusted that the bitterness in the car made it hard to breathe. eventually i realised that this would not do. we judge our program on the basis of the jokers, the morons, the buffoons, but that's a choice. there are people in there with us who are smart, capable and talented. why not choose to focus on them instead? why not judge the program by those who inspire us to do better, rather than by those who cheapen the experience, who take away the meaning of the marks that we work so hard to get? but man, it's not easy to get over the 2+2=5...

09 December, 2013

the blame game

as i was packing up my lunch, snacks, laptop and assorted whatsits to take to school this morning, my eyes fell on a bottle of wine i had bought for my roommate this saturday.* lo and behold it was open. had it been closed, i would have walked away. because it was open, i poured its contents into my travel mug and took it to school.

after our presentations we had a group meeting for tomorrow's presentation. this particular group likes their wineses, oh yes. when i mentioned the wine, r nipped into his locker and brought out another bottle. thusly, between the three of us (c abstained, oh miracle of miracles!) we finished off a litre and a half of wine while working on a power point presentation and rehearsing in an increasingly haphazard manner. 

came home. sobered up.

much later, at home, talking to my fabulous roommate:

moi: you know, it's your fault. if you hadn't opened the bottle i never would have taken the wine to school…. and drank it.

mfr: you took wine to school? damn, i miss school!

*a minute later*

mfr: you know, it's not my fault.

moi: oh no? how is that?

mfr: i also opened the cheez whiz AND the jam and both still seem to be in the fridge.

moi: ...

*because i had accidentally drank a bottle of his wine earlier last week.

the eye of the storm, the spleen of the typhoon

more anger. this morning i was livid, angry in that deep visceral almost-physical way at anything and everything* that spilled onto all topics that had the misfortune to present themselves to me. here i was, standing in the middle of the room, swinging that sharp axe around - best not approach, and if at all, then with extreme caution.

oddly enough, presenting our final project this morning calmed the beast. my, but i do adore speaking in public, and answering difficult questions raises the enjoyment to greater heights still. afterwards, full to the brim of muffins, fruit and other pastries that were brought out, we worked on another final project that we will present tomorrow. that and a final exam on thursday will bring this semester to a close. good thing, too, or i'd be likely to get violent… or at least engage in fantasizing about being violent to the point of complete moral turpitude. i think i am very much ready for a day of rum-spiked eggnog and decorating the tree followed by several days of tossing the second hand babies into the air and tickling their ticklish bits. yup, time for this to be over. and time for me to get over certain things. i mean, really!

*complete and utter falsehood. i know precisely who i am angry at and why. double the anger for my continued lack of patience with myself for allowing this individual to chip away at my peace of mind.

07 December, 2013


today i was overwhelmed by seemingly random waves of anger. anger at a classmate. anger at a person who fails to understand the two-way nature of friendship. anger at myself for letting this get to me. anger at the idiots who don't seem to know the difference between -10ºC and -36ºC. this last one is a seasonal anger that i can't seem to get over. people here love to bitch about the weather, but can't grasp the simple fact (i apologize, but this bit is a repeat of every angry post of every alberta winter ever) that if one dresses differently for 10ºC than for 36ºC, the same holds true for the negative numbers. if i see one more ijit wearing a leather jacket, a hoodie and no gloves or hat, so help me god, i shall wreak some kind of vengeance (waiting for the gangrene to set in takes too long - i want justice NOW). they stand, they shiver, their hands turn purple, and they continue to believe that they look…cool? cold. COLD is what they look like. stupid cold….sigh.

i met my lovely friends (crusty juggler and her boyfriend d) for a bout of shopping. we then bussed it to my favourite calgary pub where we ate and drank and enjoyed ourselves. i walked home (30 min, -20ºC), stopped by a liquor store that played mozart instead of nickelback, picked up some wine and bourbon, then stopped at a late night purveyor of cheap chocolatey goodness where i got myself some dessert. most calgarians would see it as insane, this walking home in -20ºC but to me, it's just part of the love affair with winter. yes, i love the cold. the streets covered in a thick layer of sparkling ice do something to me, make me glow. i know, i know, i'd love to live in the balmy greenness of british columbia, but hot damn, if this frozen wonderland doesn't make my heart sing. and the walk, it seems to have taken the anger entirely away. why, i'm positively aglow with goodwill to (almost) all mankind.

by the way, my poultries, if i've been AWOL lately it's not because i'm happy, but because school is coming to a rapid end. two more presentations, one final exam and i'm done. what comes next? next on my agenda is spending a leisurely day decorating my tree, and baking some goddamn cookies. after all, it ain't christmas without the tree and the cookies, now is it?

05 December, 2013

plenary indulgences for a nominal fee

on tuesday morning i had an appointment with my counsellor. my bus being late* i ran in there right on the hour…and then spent 10 minutes waiting for her. she came and got me, apologized for her lateness (a meeting, it's always a meeting, innit?) and took me into her room. i talked, she listened. i went into a rant about the state of our education and the attitudes of some of some of my classmates. being a professor herself, she concurred. i talked about some of my issues. she listened. and then, suddenly, with 20 minutes still left to go, she started to wrap up. about how i was evidently doing better. about how if i needed her i could come in again after the new year. about how she wished me the best of luck and whatnot, and with 15 minutes left to go, i was unceremoniously escorted off the premises.

on the one hand, yay me! i am better! on the other hand, damn it, i'm paying my tuition as much as the next depressed maniac and want my money's worth. on the other other hand (evidently i'm a veritable kali), most of my getting better had little to do with her, and a hell of a lot more to do with myself, this here forum, your support, and that miraculous and inexplicable tendency of my depression to bugger off on its own when it's good and ready. so really, with all these hands waving around, it's kinda hard to have a rational thought. in the end, i chose to take the positive approach - i was so fucking happy she needed to get me out of that office pronto, before i started to frighten the unwell: nobody wants to see a two-legged jerk prancing around in an amputee ward.

come to think of it, though, i should have asked for a certificate of sanity. it never hurts to have these things official.

*the only way calgary transit could suck any more is if they decorated their buses with dead puppies.

03 December, 2013

project management: boring! presenting: fun!

i'm sitting in class, drinking a surreptitious gin and tonic from my travel mug. our group just finished presenting on the most boring topic known to mankind: project management. we were the first to go, dressed to the nines in "professional attire" as demanded of us during one of the most patronizing lectures of the semester. having done and gone, i can now relax into my boredom, drink my drink and take the rest of the evening off.

when we returned to our seats, c found a charming note on his desk, a short but direct missive evaluating our performance. e was told she was good. i was told i was elegant and perfect (yeah, i get that A LOT) and c? poor guy was told he had tummy and needed to lose it. i was going to post the note, but found it was so shockingly illiterate and rude that it would do nothing but reflect badly on the quality of my education. this is why i'm drinking.

ah, technology. i used to be bad about passing notes in class (my need for communication has always been insatiable!) c and i are sitting side by side, facebook chatting to each other.

over and out. onward and upward. on to the next milestone!!!