06 November, 2013

the "womp womp womp" of all things

the above is the filler that j uses when she is wanting to go back and flesh out her paper later. i like it more than the typical "blah blah blah" or "yadda yadda yadda" on account of its beautifully aural texture, like the drumbeat of incompleteness, the rataplan of fragmentary thought.  yes. womp womp womp.

it also brings to mind the thumper sounds used to bring forth the sandworms in dune, but who the hell is on that particular ride-along with me? yes, my poultries, i am a sci-fi nerdling and not particularly ashamed. after all, why should one be ashamed of one's literary proclivities? it's not like i devour danielle steele (jesus!) or dan brown (gah!). if i did, i would never tell you. likely, i'd just off myself behind a dumpster somewhere because, seriously, what else is there? moi? a snob? mais oui! quelle surprise!

and just so you know, it's not the genre that offends; it's the atrocious writing (in the case of madame steele) and the blatant sexism (in the case of monsieur brown). my motto, if anybody actually gave a damn and it were all up to me, would be "write whatever the hell you want but write it well."

what are we talking about? nothing and everything.

i am going out tonight. going to toast crusty juggler on her birthday (+1) and then off to dance the night away at a concert. i am a little worried because instead of my typical attitude of "i don't wanna go! don't make me go! i wanna stay home in my pyjamas!" i am pretty excited. generally, when my expectations are low, i tend to be pleasantly surprised. does that mean tonight will stink? i hope not. life is never that neat, but my attitude tends towards the superstitious and i'm fighting it valiantly.

good afternoon and may the night skies be favourable to you!

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