23 November, 2013

the queen of gold-plated bullshit

i sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with me that i truly enjoy writing boring government and planning policy documents. and not just enjoy - i am damn good at spouting the kind of gold-plated bullshit that annoys the hell out of me when i am on the receiving end. if this isn't some sort of massive internal spiritual dualism that just might cause my head to explode, then i don't know what it might be. then again, if i take a calm look it might just be that i love playing with words, and any forum will do.

on a totally unrelated note - few things are more satisfying than a perfectly ripe banana* eaten at the perfect banana-eating hour. am i wrong? i know i'm not.

*in the long yellow tropical fruit category, obviously. because there are many many other things that are so much more satisfying. like writing planning policy, evidently.


Zhoen said...

I've been told so often, even by other nurses, that they couldn't stand to do what I do. That's fine, I couldn't do what they do.

We enjoy what we get good at.

polish chick said...

true. this was even true for a time of my dental hygiene days, though even then my true talent lay more in making people feel at ease than the job itself. still, there is a real joy to doing something well, just as there is a joy in watching someone else do something well. i think that's why i get annoyed by all the half-assedness happening around me at school.

Tom said...

Yes! You'll just have to accept you're just a crazy mixed-up little chick. But who cares? We love you all the same. :)