21 November, 2013

the knee bone's connected to the click bone

i keep telling myself that the clicking i hear in my general knee area every time i run down* the stairs is the sound of my shoes. it gets a little more difficult to maintain this fantasy when i run down the stairs barefoot.

on a more positive note, tennis elbow seems to have realised there will be no tennis to be had for love or money and is slowly vacating the premises.

i wonder what will fail me next. stay tuned as i bang out all future posts with my nose as my fingers contract chronic persistent violinitis. my career in stringed instruments is as extensive as my career in tennis.

*oddly enough there are no mysterious "shoe" sounds when i run up the stairs. maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. i just wish i wasn't so damn resistant to getting her point.


Tom said...

Your post gives me great hope. My elbows have clicked since way back, so whatever sport that will prevent me from doing must be welcomed. Since damaging my left shoulder, I'll spare you the details, I have discovered that my shoulders now click as well. No tossing the caber or felling giant trees for me then. Now my lower jaw clicks from time to time, and that's mighty painful. So, no more chewing the cud. Good. Here endeth...!

polish chick said...

tom - there is *always* hope. always. so please keep chewing your cud.

and go see your dentist - if your jaw is clicking you might be grinding or overextending it. it might be time for a grinding appliance (small plastic thingie). sorry to revert back to dentalese, but this is something i know something about and it can be alleviated.

Zhoen said...

Sounds like my knees.