10 November, 2013

tell all

ah, the silence tells you everything you needed to know, don't it? she's happy, that one, or at least not staring mournfully into the middle distance, lip quivering fetchingly, sadness oozing from those big bambi eyes... yes, stability means silence. i am, no ifs ands or buts about it, a fair weather blogger... well, a foul weather blogger, i suppose. but i shall attempt to retain some sort of e-presence, stability be damned. yup, i won't leave you all alone as i cavort carelessly through fields of wildflowers humming tunes from the sound of music.

we had s & l over for a long overdue dinner tonight and it was as fantastic as always, with the bourbon flowing as easily as the conversation. gods above, i love the people of my tribe, i truly do. we hadn't seen each other in a good several months, and in that time both s and i lost a bunch of weight. we talked for a bit about our various methodologies.

l: you look fantastic. like a 19 year old! all perky and beautiful!

mr. monkey: i told her it was like sleeping next to a bag of empty bottles.

moi: hmmm, so hard to choose, as far as compliments go... perky like a 19 year old or sleeping next to a bag of empty bottles? i dunno...

and really, my husband is generally NOT an asshole, though you could be forgiven for getting a little confused about that at this point.


Tom said...

One feels so for your husband! Could he perhaps try sleeping on the floor? Just a thought. :)

polish chick said...

thank you tom. precisely.