29 November, 2013


you know it's an interesting night when your roommate says, "all i can say in my defence is that 'hamstring' has the same number of syllables as 'reindeer'" and you know that it would hold up in court.

the conversation began with stretching, veered through the rocky terrain of playground bullying, and ended up face first in the cesspool of commercial christmas music. you figure it out.

later on: "this reminds me of the time i lost my hot dogs."

which is a story that did appear on this blog, but i cannot be bothered to find it. let's just say that in the end the hot dogs were found hiding under a bag of radishes, but not before i called up mister monkey to berate him for eating an entire package of veggie dogs just to piss me off.


Tom said...

I thought I was doing all right until I read this post. Now I feel completely disoriented. I read it again and then again. It got worse. There are times when I'm just silly to myself really. Ah well, must struggle on, if I can decide on a direction. :)

polish chick said...

serves you right for rereading! it was never meant to make sense!