22 November, 2013

i want

what i want is to be dropped into a fairy tale, or a gorgeous movie. i want handsome knights, i want unrealistic violence followed by a happy ending. i want exquisite tapestries draped romantically over everything and curtains blowing in the breeze. i want climbing roses over rough stone walls. i want horses galloping through meadows. i want the glint of the sun on swords and the noise of a battle in full swing. i want the tales to come to life and sweep me away. i want.

i love my life. despite the occasional hole i fall or jump into, overall my existence is blessed, but what i crave sometimes is candlelight, fairy dust and fireflies and the brilliance at the tip of a magic wand. i want a quiet forest carpeted in moss through which unicorns and elves softly walk. i want the kind of romance that is dead, the kind of chivalry that lies beside it, the kind of death defying feats that prove all manner of outrageous claims of love and loyalty. i want.

i love the feeling of becoming lost in a world away from the cold rationality and science of ours. there are books and movies that give me this escape and in my mind i play out countless scenarios that remove me from the here and now. i sometimes wonder if living so much in my imagination takes something away from the quality of my "real" life, but i'm an addict and i cannot stop. so what i want is to live in a beautiful adventure tale. i want.

what i don't want, so don't bother explaining it to me, is the reality behind the fantasy - the filth, the smell, the disease, the bad teeth and the early death.

…and the plague. you can keep the plague.

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Zhoen said...

This is what fiction and art are for, re-imagining, without the manky bits.