26 November, 2013

good people in abundance

you know how i always refer to my roommate as my fabulous roommate, or mfr? here is one tiny little example of why that is:

i had been using a snow-globe wine stopper on the bottles of wine i had been trying very hard not to drink, one or two glasses at a time, and one day it finally gave up the ghost. the cork part, used to the more humid climes of eastern canada, came apart. when it did so, i felt rather worried - perhaps it was a wine stopper given to mfr by one of his daughters, or a favourite aunt, or maybe it was a memento of a romantic trip with his lovely wife. you never know with these things.

mfr had been away on a exhausting week-long business trip and came back late last night. after catching up, i presented him with the evidence of my malfeasance, apologised and asked if the stopper had any special meaning for him.

he said that since everything in the house was not really his (he'd moved here wholesale with things that ought to have stayed out east, and a whole host of incomprehensible gadgets) so was the case with the stopper. no big deal. and so no big deal it was…or so i thought.

this morning i found a note on the counter, apologising for a "less than ideal response" last night that he blamed on road weariness. "this is not a big deal," he wrote, "sorry."
the stopper lay on the note, the cork part wrapped in bright red electrical tape. "but look how festive it looks now!" the note concluded.

i know this isn't much of a story, there's very little drama or emotion, but sometimes  the small kindnesses that we extend to each other, the gentle reminders of caring and being cared for, the lovely ties that bind us to each other are worth noting, amidst all the bellyaching and whinging and snarling angry epithets of this here forum. there's a whole freezer full of homemade turkey meatballs that is my culinary response to his note.


Crusty Juggler said...

Damn it all, as far as I'm concerned that is truly beautiful and worth telling. Your "mfr" is is a rare bird, and I'm glad to know him too.

polish chick said...

amen, sister juggler! and thanks for the comment.

Zhoen said...

We should sweat the small stuff. It's all small stuff.

Tom said...

Sounds like a good friend to have around. Just hope he likes turkey meatballs.

polish chick said...

he likes everything i cook. it's kinda nice. AND he does the dishes when i cook.

Joan said...

Sure it's no big deal because that stopper was given to me! haha

He does dishes for you!? Miraculous!

polish chick said...

only when i cook, joan, only when i cook.

sorry about the stopper (and the many crystal glasses and all the carpets in all your homes i've ever visited).

Joan said...

Don't sweat it! It's all part of your charm!