01 November, 2013


my mantra, for the foreseeable future (i.e. until i forget and have to relearn...or is that re-relearn?) is going to be, "what is."

it's easy to think of what was, what could be, should be, will be, might be etc. etc. but i think the essential thing now, and in the days and weeks and years to come, is to make peace with what is. it is, after all, the first step in the 12 step program for Dreamers Anonymous... or would be, if they existed.

i am here; i am me; i can choose to be a better version of myself but i will remain myself nevertheless, no matter how much i howl and beat my fists against the floor (metaphorically speaking; i have outgrown the literal version of the temper tantrum a good few years ago*).

a small crystal glass with a couple fingers' worth of bourbon; good music on the stereo; dinner to be eaten at a restaurant: these are the good things that make life alright. and it is alright. no matter what.

*any examples of making this statement a lie will be ignored in the interest of peace on earth and goodwill between audience and writer. after all, if you saw what i was capable of, you would surely leave and never come back.


Tom said...

It has been said that the past is a temporal existence through memory; the future is a temporal existence through fear and hope. Only the present is a doorway to the eternal.

Seems that your choice of "what is" is a very wise choice.

polish chick said...

i am choosing the only viable option, it would seem. but why is it so very hard to do that?

it is so ridiculously easy to get bogged down in the what-ifs that it requires a constant vigilance to just accept that this is what is.

sigh... being human is such hard work. if there is another go, i'd like to come back as a jolly ignoramus.

Tom said...

Jolly? Maybe. Ignoramus? I fear not. :)

polish chick said...

oh yes - think how easy life would be, tom! all we'd care about is having a (random sports) game on, a can of beer, some bargain basement crisps and a good old scratch every once in a while. sounds pretty damn nice to me!

Geneviève Goggin said...

Yes, ignorami have it good. Iight prefer to come back as a cat at my mom's house. Being a future oriented person can be tiring at times.

Tom said...

There is an in-built assumption to your comment that you would have a choice. On what does that assumption lie? Left to me, and I can be inordinately selfish, I would rather have your intelligence over your ignoramacy. (wordage?)

polish chick said...

tom, you really know how to make a bitter lady smile. thank you.

my assumption lies upon that most unassailable of foundations - my imagination.