28 November, 2013

buffalo hunt

just now, in the basement, where i went to decompress for a few minutes after a whole damn day of essay-writing. my fabulous roommate was watching hockey and i decided to annoy him for a bit with my inane, uneducated and ceaseless commentary. after about 10 minutes of watching:

moi: you know, this is really silly.

mrf: what?

moi: all that! what they're doing out there.

mfr: you mean playing hockey?

moi: you know, it might have made sense in the pioneer days when the young men of the village would gather on the ice to hone their buffalo hunting skills… but now? it's just silly.

mfr: i'm sitting here trying to imagine which of these skills would be useful in hunting a buffalo…unless you're not speaking literally.

moi: do i ever speak literally?

mfr: good point.

1 comment:

Zhoen said...

That is very silly. Because they were moose hunters, and hockey is the moose hunting dance, on ice.