08 October, 2013

in a universe far far away

a long time ago i lost a job i hated, went into shock, and then into a provincially-mandated and funded self-discovery program wherein i was supposed to see who i was and where it was that i needed to go. this is that story.

nice to know that some things haven't changed, and some have. a lot.


Tom said...

Well you have surprised me! Welcome to the blessed ranks of the introverts.

polish chick said...

well, not exactly tom. i literally was on the junction of the two - i took the test twice because i was so shocked myself, and each time i came up with 50/50. all the other tests i took had me firmly ensconced in one corner or another, except for this one.

and i am glad that i still have the power to surprise - here i thought i was an open book to you!