28 October, 2013

all about my bits (with assorted asides)

one of the great things about losing weight and getting in shape and feeling powerful and toned and all sorts of muscular sporty things that would have normally annoyed the living crap out of yours truly but now no longer do since they are starting to pertain to me, is that wearing a bathing suit is not the torture it used to be.

exhibit one.

there are no more exhibits. i am no exhibitionist... well, not much of one, anyhow. i do tend to walk around in next to nothing when i am home, because i figure if anyone's taken the time to buy a telescope and train it on our windows, well, they worked hard for whatever they get. but seeing as most of our neighbours are either ancient and riddled with cataracts, or morose 9-5 government workers, well, it likely means there ain't nobody out there checking out my bits. but if i'm wrong, they're more than welcome to them.

today i am studying (as evidenced by the glass of wine by my side, and the third blog post of the day. i have also updated my photo on all sites that give me the option of having a photo. i'm actually shocked i haven't alphabetised my belly button lint or polished the rugs, but you know, i'm studying for an exam...). this means i have done a little bit of studying (i am VERY obstreperous whenever i try to reason with myself and as a result i think i'm about to give up), but a whole lot of other stuff. like reading old blog posts that i am now sharing with you.

and just in case you're worried, no, i'm not turning into a muscle-bound jock, i'm just giving the proverbial finger to my tennis elbow, my osteoarthritis of the hip and assorted other age-related ailments. and, for the record, i like liking how i look and i love how i feel, and it's been a good long while.

N.B.: given tom's concerns about the health of my neighbours, i thought i'd mention that our building is set far enough back from the other buildings (particularly the government worker hive) that people would have to be particularly dedicated to really get an eyeful, so whatever is seen, if anything is seen at all, it is hardly on a scale to inflict any sort of physical or psychological damage or saddle me with a lawsuit.


Tom said...

I must say that I do so admire public spiritedness, and it is clear that you have it in abundance. But tell me, do you also offer your neighbours health, or [heaven forfend] death insurance, just in case they expire, overcome by the grandeur and excitement of "what's showing this week?"

Nice to hear that, regardless of the problems you appear to have - the natural outcome of your rapidly advancing years :) - you are feeling comfortable within yourself.

Now, I'm going to be a spoilsport and stop there; don't you have some deadlines to meet?

polish chick said...

thing is, tom, and i suppose i ought to have mentioned it right off, because of the way our building is situated, nobody is close enough to really get an eyeful of anything without the use of a telescope, so whatever is seen, if anything is seen at all, is hardly on a scale likely to cause any kind of physical or psychological damage.

oh those deadlines...thanks. i need to be told.