27 September, 2013


having recently read two (count 'em: 2!) articles in psychology today, i have become the self-proclaimed resident psychololology expert on this here blog. what have i learned, i hear you clamouring across the blogosphere, your voices rising heavenward much like the trumpets of angels, but slightly less portentous? well, turns out that when it comes to feelings (ah fuck, there's them things again!), we have primary feelings ("i feel sad") and secondary feelings ("i am sad that i'm still feeling sad").

this is not good, because it becomes a self-feeding machine, whereby instead of just letting* ourselves feel sad, we start to feel sad about feeling sad (or frustrated about feeling sad, or sad about feeling frustrated, or...the permutations are endless, although i'm sure any mathematicians in the audience would tell us otherwise and then give us a formula for calculating the exact number of possible permutations. please don't.).

so the trick is, as i said, to "let" yourself feel the initial feeling, and then carry the fuck on.

you're welcome.

the first session is free. any future sessions will cost you. please book with mabel on your way out, and i will see you next week.

* i have to admit that i'm a little frustrated with the notion of "letting" myself feel something; after all, what's the alternative? some sort of 50's era parenting statement à la "stop yer crying or i'm gonna smack you again!"? makes little to no sense. but i digress. as usual.


Zhoen said...

I'm a big fan of carrying thefuck on.

polish chick said...

well, when one has just spent a big chunk of dough on the second year of grad school, there's really very little choice.