15 September, 2013

in which you learn how committed i am to the profession of urban planning but feel moved to gently suggest i get help

yesterday was a day of high emotion. oy, quoth you, again? aye, quoth i, again. i like to maintain a certain degree of predictability in order to know what is what. and where it's at. and whatnot.

so, i managed to maintain my composure through a largely pleasant and uneventful day. but then big mistakes were made and i ended up in a car in the middle of saturday in a shopping centre nightmare. mr. monkey drove, thank god, because at one point, having realised there was literally no reasonable way out of there (cars were lined up several blocks deep at each. and. every. stop. sign. and. light. i kid you not), i broke down, scared the crap out of the mister (wife! insane! crying randomly! help!) and reinforced in me the feeling that i need to finish this godforsaken degree, get the hell out of school and DO SOMETHING! but in the meantime...

... big fat tears were streaming down my face and i was alternately laughing (cause, come on! this is getting ridiculous!) and crying (cause, come on! who the everliving fuck planned this logistical nightmare of a shopping centre?!). in the end, maps were consulted, opposite directions taken, and a full mental breakdown disaster narrowly averted. but sweet jesus on a pogo stick - i have never in my life seen as big a planning clusterfuck as this, and that includes south edmonton common, which i tell you, sucks big dripping syphilitic donkey balls, but at least you can leave it when you have had enough.

which, i do believe, is why normal people don't ever go shopping on a saturday.

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Tom said...

Do I gather, correctly, that you were not best pleased with the shopping centre car park? Regardless of your clearly world-coming-to-an-end problems, and the highly emotional response to that forthcoming catastrophic event, I do find your account of such very amusing. Please, please be around and posting when Armageddon finally arrives; the real one I mean. I'd hate to miss the fun as seen through your eyes.

....sweet Jesus (my upper case J) on a pogo stick...??