29 September, 2013

carpeting the universe in high quality wall-to-wall purple shag, one galaxy at a time

my fabulous roommate decided to rip up some carpet in the basement. he asked my opinion. i gave it.  later on, he explained what he wanted to do with the carpet remnants.

moi: i'm not really going to judge you on your carpet demolition choices, you know.

my fabulous roommate: i know. it was a good idea though and i forgot to tell you. i'm brilliant... but forgetful.

moi: that's good. it means you can be brilliant many times on the same topic!

mfr: yes, i try to do that with different audiences.


Tom said...

Seems like MFR knows where he's at.

Zhoen said...

The joy of amnesia, always so many new friends.

Lucy said...

In a few more years it won't even be necessary to worry about different audiences, he can do it with the same ones at intervals and neither he nor they will remember having been there before. With further age the intervals get smaller.