27 September, 2013

because i can't make you laugh worth shit

here, read this. if it doesn't make you squirt coffee out your nose, you're obviously not drinking coffee.


Frex said...
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Fresca said...

P.P.S. Reposting my comment: I wasn't signed into my blog before--now I am.

Oh, those wacky Jesus infancy stories! Did you know they are ILLUSTRATED? in the very amusing "Tring Tiles" England, c. 1320 Childhood miracles of Christ--they live in the British Museum
You can see them here:

Here's the funniest bit:
"A reluctance on the part of parents to allow their children to play with Christ is also described. In one scene, parents have locked their children in an oven to prevent them from playing with Jesus (tile 7)."

Good move! Lock your kids in an oven to keep them away from Jesus!

[P.S. Oh, btw, Hello! I'm Fresca-- I came here via Zhoen's blog.]

Frex said...
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polish chick said...

hi fresca, welcome, welcome! nice to have you here.

given how i feel about religion, locking your kids in the oven seems to be a perfectly reasonable option!