23 September, 2013

and that is what i am

today in the kitchen with my fabulous roommate, while making lasagna:

moi: this weekend, i'm gonna make you a salad that's fabulous. when you hear the ingredients, you're all, meh, ok, but when you try it, you're like, make me more, bitch!

moi: ... please don't say that.

my fabulous roommate: no, i wouldn't. you're not the scariest woman in my life but...

moi: ...but i'm up there?

mfr: yes. you command respect.

moi: i wish i was scary. make my life easier.

mfr: it's just as effective. but nicer.


Joan said...

I think I know the scariest woman in your roommate's life! At least I better be!

polish chick said...

joan, dude! seriously?! do you think anyone else even comes close? i was totally in awe of even making it into the running at all!