09 September, 2013

a furry sort of non-metaphor that fails in all sorts of ways but what the hell

life. a confusing sort of beastie.

at its best, it purrs, lets you feed it scraps, rubs itself against you, and sleeps at your feet when you're feeling blue.

at its worst, it bites and scratches and gives you rabies.

still, it's your damn beastie, and it keeps things somewhat interesting, so what're you gonna do? walk it, feed it, try to comb out the tangles from its fur, make sure it gets plenty of exercise and clean water. you know: life.


Tom said...

Gosh, what a fascinating life you do have. I assume it leaves you to clear up the you-know-whats, or do you disengage and let is out occasionally?

the polish chick said...

oh tom, it most certainly leaves messes for me to clean up.
i do let it out on occasion - it is really rather well behaved and will return when called (or hungry), but for the most part, the messes are totally my responsibility.

Lucy said...

Just don't let it get run over.