14 July, 2013

the red violin

i have been busy working, loving every day of it, but last week i took some time off to fly to vancouver for my very first urban planning conference* as a student volunteer. fun was had, people met, muffins et and wine sipped**. monday night was the closing gala and lo and behold, more wine. because we had some pre-wine on the patio of a nearby restaurant with a new friend who won a 100$ gift certificate there and wanted to share, it ended up being way a little bit too much wine, as evidenced by what happened next.

the gala was hosted by the hotel, and two d.j.'s provided the entertainment, a tall one and a tiny one who had an electric violin that he used to great effect. at one point, having reached that "if i have it, it must be a good idea" stage in wine consumption (come on, you know what i mean!) i walked up to the d.j. booth where both gentlemen were now packing up and asked the tiny violinist*** if he could be persuaded to let me hold the violin and attempt to get some sound out of it. surprisingly, he agreed and i picked up the violin and held it up to my shoulder... with the wrong end towards my neck. he looked at me and, clearly wondering if i was joking, told me i was holding it backwards. this was rather embarrassing and so i did the obvious thing and... switched it to my other shoulder, still holding it backwards. the next bit is a bit of a blur but i do remember dropping the violin on the table (not a far fall, but it did elicit a smallish thunk) at which point, despite my protests and sudden alarming realisation THAT I HAD BEEN HOLDING IT BACKWARDS the little man took his instrument and put it away, refusing to even look at me, not that i blame him.

my little poultries, lest you think i am a total ignoramus, let me tell you that i was raised on classical music, have seen countless violinists perform, along with an assortment of fiddle players and other string instrumentalists. i know how one holds a violin, but at that point in time, my brain was apparently SO pickled that it made perfect sense to put the scroll  up to my neck. oy.

i blame (as always) that fourth glass of wine, because it is precisely that glass that makes the following glasses look like a good idea.

hey! here's a picture of the tiny violinist, and the violin in question and me! not surprisingly, i have no recollection of this picture being taken!

*how lovely to go to a conference where one is surrounded by (for the most part) like-minded people passionate about interesting things, where speakers talk on topics that are not gingival or dental in nature!

**the introductory wine and nibbles were hosted at the vancouver aquarium, and if there is a better place to drink a nice glass of red than a glowing tank of undulating jellyfish i have yet to see it.

***not nearly as hilarious as a tiny pianist, but still...


Tom said...

".....and wine sipped**" she says. Sounded more like guzzled to me. It is clear that there is a new ethic abroad in the workplace these days. I suppose one should welcome progress and innovation, so long as one can remain sober long enough to enjoy it. Well you certainly enjoyed something PC! Nice one!

the polish chick said...

oh, the welcome reception was all about sipping. it was the closing gala that involved guzzling. i never made it past 2 glasses at the welcome reception so never came close to that treacherous fourth glass.

Zhoen said...

Wine can sneak up on you. First thing to go is that sense of direction, and where one is in relation to other things.

the polish chick said...

the problem, zhoen, is that with school and life my consumption is no longer regular and so sometimes one glass will throw me off, and sometimes a whole bottle settles neatly into all my crevices and merely leaves me invigorated.

this time, there was the bonus of cold meds taken earlier in the afternoon, and several days of poor sleep. otherwise i cannot possibly think of a valid excuse for what happened.

Joan said...

Lack of sleep, cold meds, too much wine and musical instruments! I can't imagine mixing an Aga into that without disastrous results!haha

Geneviève Goggin said...

It was lovely to see you and to hear this story live. Just caught up on the last few months of blog entries. Glad to be back