19 May, 2013

so, this work thing... no blood so far!

after returning from my spectacular trip to new york, i started my new job at an international but edmonton-based engineering and planning company. i was thrilled on day one to get a spacious cubicle of my very own (with windows!), my very own computer, a chair with lumbar support and access to unlimited stationery. there's a candy jar, friday donuts (from a good bakery), unlimited tea and coffee, social events galore, once-a-month feed-the-homeless, once-in-a-while bake-off, inappropriate humour from various co-workers and an atmosphere of busy conviviality. overall i'd say i'm happier than a pig in shit, and feel like this work is exactly what i want to be doing if they figure i'm a good candidate for future full time employment.

i am still at the point that i'm excited about being able to wear heels to work (heels! to work!),  to paint my nails (nails! coloured and shiny!) and wear pretty clothes (no more scrubs!). i'm sure that gets old eventually, but then so does coming home covered in a fine mist of blood and saliva, you know?

i have learned more in the last three weeks than i have in the last school year. because they don't really have a planner summer student program in place (unlike their engineering department which hires a whole bundle of sweaty pimple-faced baby engineers every year) i, along with another summer student, get to work on actual real live projects instead of stapling the fuck out of shit and bringing coffee to high power execs.

i have so far worked on some important municipal planning documents, edited important regional planning documents (editing! squeee! i love to do it and they love that i love to do it!), had meetings coming out my back end, and been loving showing up to work every damn day. the fact that it's a five minute walk from home just makes this all the sweeter.

so - remember me? crying at the start of last semester, lost and alone and confused and wondering if it was all worth it? it is.


Lucy said...

Sounds fantastic, so glad for you, well done, and I'm sure they'll never want to give you up!

Tom said...

Welcome back PC to a new life out here! I for one have missed your unique and graphic style of writing. May I also offer my congrats on staying the course, and wish you good luck in any future work you do.

puncturedbicycle said...

Hurrah! I'm so glad you're happy. x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, so very happy for you! Lucy

Zhoen said...

Oh, I am so glad for you! To find a good fit, that's priceless. Joy in the details.

I love wearing scrubs/pjs all day, but they aren't mine to take care of. I drop them in the bag and put on my own clothes and ignore fashion. But that's my thing.

Free candy is dangerous. But enjoy it for now.

Alison Cross said...

Well this all sounds fantastic - heels! painted nails! cakes! Candies! AND you get PAID???!!!!!!

Seriously - really glad that you're having fun. Sending congratulatory hugs ((((hugs))))

Ali x