19 May, 2013

piss and vinegar

friday evening we went out for drinks with friends, followed by dinner with mr. monkey's colleagues, followed by the possibility of a fire with other friends still. by the time we dropped off the colleagues and drove home, i realised there was no way in hell i'd be capable of attending the fire which was set to start around 10:30pm (a.k.a. my bedtime). i told mister monkey to drop me off at home and go, despite his increasingly loud and dramatic yawns. he came in, took off his pants*, putzed around the kitchen for a bit and then followed me to the living room.

mr. monkey (yawning dramatically): i have decided to stay here with you instead of having fun. even though i am wide awake and full of energy.

* he always takes off his pants when he comes home, even if he only comes in for a bit**. it is one of life's great mysteries that i have long since given up trying to comprehend.

** a bit of time. a bit of TIME, you dirty*** minded poultries!

*** if it was a bit of somethin' somethin', then i would hardly be puzzled by the pant removal, now wouldn't i?


Lucy said...

Comes home for a bit of what?

Tom said...

I won't comment. I'll let my imagination do the rest.

the polish chick said...

lucy - you caught me out. should've been "a while" not "a bit" and no, i did NOT mean anything remotely... ahem... romantic by it.

tom - you hush!

Zhoen said...

I always take my shoes off. But I may try the pantsless thing...