28 April, 2013

little ol' moi in the big apple

spent an absolutely fabulous few days in new york with my good friend d. we walked our feet into a blistery storm, drank too much wine and slept not nearly enough, but gods above, we laughed enough to make up for everything. d lives in brooklyn's park slope, in a gorgeous high-ceilinged pre-war apartment. because i am taller, she asked me to help her change the lightbulb in the kitchen. i took one look at the little step-ladder and realised it was far too short to reach. while she looked for a spare lightbulb, i grabbed one of her two barstools and started to pull it to the middle of the kitchen.

moi: hey, can i use this? is it safe to stand on?

d: hmmm... not sure. i suppose so.

then i looked up and realised that as she was uttering those words, she was standing on the other barstool rummaging in her upper cabinets for the lightbulb. we looked at each other and burst out laughing.

i have to say that there's very little in the world better than someone who really gets you, and i have been beyond blessed in my life with so many fabulous friends. and yes, i'm also talking about you, you know who you are!


Tom said...

After all the months of struggle you have gone through, good to know you are enjoying some relaxation.

Zhoen said...

Laughter heals bunches and bunches.