11 April, 2013

just fine

note i left on my dirty wineglass today, so my fabulous roommate doesn't get any wrong ideas:

"this is NOT my wineglass. no idea whose glass it is. only degenerates would drink 2 glasses  1 glass of wine before 2 in the afternoon. right?"

in the defence of degenerates everywhere, sometimes a morning exam takes a whole lot our of ya, you know?


Zhoen said...

But gin is fine anytime? Nah, have your wine, relax.

Lucy said...

Wouldn't it have been quicker just to wash it up and put it away?

the polish chick said...

yes, but not nearly as fun. we have a history of funny notes. you should see our grocery lists!

the polish chick said...

wait...IS gin fine anytime? i could hardly imagine having it with my breakfast!