08 April, 2013


today i got an A on a project that likely deserved an A-.
the other day, from the same prof, i got a B on a project that likely also deserved an A-. is he trying to average things out or keep me guessing?

almost over, my little poultries, though how i shall get through the next two weeks is beyond me. keep your appendages crossed, eh?


Zhoen said...

Get a massage. Always helped me, anyway. Hang in.

Yeah, averages out. Bees get degrees. Not the insects, the grade... I need to stop commenting this early.

the polish chick said...

oh, i know, zhoen. i'm not exactly stressing. i just think it's funny that i feel unfairly graded in both cases but for different reasons.

as for your insects, as much as i want to embrace that way of thinking, the only time i genuinely didn't give a shit about my marks was when i was in gum college. all other times in my life, they mattered. i try to not make it matter, but it does. what can i say? i like me a good A!

Zhoen said...

Oh, so do I. That's the point, why else do you think I know about that pithy little phrase?