11 March, 2013

hats off!

i put lush henna in my hair today. one of the problems with short hair is that the roots show a lot more, and my roots, let's just say they're losing colour. fast.
i love the effect of lush's henna, but the process is arduous. you grate the henna-cocoa butter blocks, mix them with hot water, goop the resulting mess on your head, which you then cover with a plastic bag. thus attired, i came downstairs, grabbed one of the bag clips hanging on the fridge to keep the plastic turban from slipping and, having found myself rather chilly, topped it all off with a hand-knit toque.

it's almost time to go wash it all off and it's warmed up in here quite a bit so i slipped the toque off just a few minutes ago. the fabulous roommate came down to make himself a cup of tea and i showed off my plastic turban held together with a bag clip.

fabulous roommate: is that what the toque was covering up?

moi: yup.

f.r.: well, then that toque is a fashion sin!!!

i always had a secret inkling that i look fantastic in plastic.


Geneviève Goggin said...

I'd love to see how it looks. It does sound like a bit more effort than I'm generally willing to expend on hair, but I am curious.

the polish chick said...

the point is, g, that it looks normal, just like my natural hair. the reason i *do* put in so much effort is that it doesn't grow out like dye, with the skunky look. it just gently fades into grey. and it's good for your hair and makes it shiny.
plus, it makes me feel kinda like those girls in the 50's movies, walking around the house with mayonnaise in their hair and who doesn't love THAT idea?

puncturedbicycle said...

Ooh, shiny! I resist because it makes it awkward to do anything else to your hair colourwise. But I'm a bit jealous because of all the glossy loveliness!

Geneviève Goggin said...

Sounds worth it. Maybe I'll try it some time when I'm feeling like using something that's less likely to cause my brains to fry.