01 February, 2013

when in rome...

we were sitting around before our housing equity class, talking about berlusconi, as one does, when c, our resident political whiz, mentioned that the man in question was planning to run for p.m. again.

moi: no! really? then again, knowing the italians, he'll likely get voted right back in.

c: sure! if everyone he's ever slept with votes for him, he'll win for sure!

moi: um...i'm not sure teenage prostitutes can vote. or convicts. or...nuns! hey! can nuns vote?

s: of course they can! just because you love jesus doesn't mean you're not a real person!

1 comment:

Geneviève Goggin said...

You guys are a weird bunch. No wonder you enjoy your classmates so much. They're as twisted as you! Good for you.