06 February, 2013

somebody throw a cocktail party, stat!

the fabulous roommate and i were taking our mental break, watching strip the city, a ridiculously entertaining discovery program (i choose not to feel guilty because it deals with a city's infrastructure, so it's almost like doing homework). today it was rome, a city built upon ruins which were built upon ruins and so on...

moi: wow! this whole city is a palimpsest!

roommate: a pali-what?

moi: [explanation given] and now you can whip that out at a cocktail party and impress people!

roommate: i need to start going to cocktail parties.

... time passed...

roommate: ah! i know that! that's quarter wave damping!

moi: a quarta-wha?

roommate: [explanation given*] and now you can whip that out at a cocktail party!

moi: apparently i also need to start going to cocktail parties.

* i did my darndest to find you a wiki link but alas, could not. i spent whole seconds perusing the interwebs, but let's just dumb it down - it's a shock wave reduction by a quarter. if someone out there can explain it better, have at'er!


Zhoen said...

Solanaceae, Brassicaceae,Fabaceae. Put 'em together and what have you got? Crop rotation!

I want to find that show, sounds fascinating.

the polish chick said...

nice, i love it when simple things get to sound all fancy.

the link i posted ought to take you to the free online episodes!

Lucy said...

The impression I have of cocktail parties is you have to stand up a lot. This does not appeal.

Geneviève Goggin said...

I'm not likely to ever go to a cocktail party again, so you can keep your big words. I'm tired of needing a dictionary to read this blog. Well, I guess I'll keep reading. I wouldn't want you to dumb it down on my account. Proceed.

the polish chick said...

g, say wha? you's hardly too dumb to understand me, so don't play that game!

lucy, agreed. AND one's expected to wear uncomfortable pointy shoes to boot (so to speak). and clothing that doesn't hide bloating. and heavy earrings.

Geneviève Goggin said...

Well, if it was really that painful I wouldn't wait for each post with bated breath.

the polish chick said...

bated breath! girlfriend! you made me blush!