19 February, 2013

ain't it lovely?

we're in new orleans. today we sat around at dinner, mister monkey, p and i, chatting about what p & t's 1890 shotgun house still required in terms of work. p mentioned wanting to add tin ceilings in the kitchen and dining room.

moi: i think some nice detailing would be lovely, like...you know...what do you call'ems? like baseboards, but near the ceiling! (turning to mister monkey) dude, what are they called? ceiling baseboards*?

mr. monkey (obviously not listening to me, again): what? who's lovely? i'm lovely!!!

*crown mouldings. duh! stupid 40-year-old vacation brain!


Alison Cross said...

That would be cornicing, I think? Or maybe what WE call cornicing Americans call ceiling baseboards. Hey, anything is possible.

Mr Monkey clearly needs more Jack Daniels :-D

Ali x

Geneviève Goggin said...

I have been forgetting common nouns for over a decade (post-baby). When I first read about the early signs of Alzheimer's it had me worried. But the I forgot all about it.

the polish chick said...

yeah, there's been a proliferation of whatsits, whatchamacallems, thingummies, thingamajigs and whatnots in my life. and when i'm really bad, i just say, "you know, that thing, you know. you KNOW!"