17 January, 2013

self-mutilation beats self-determination

after our friday night dinner and movie, my roommate and i sat around chatting. i told him about my propensity to cut myself while preparing food and mister monkey's propensity to yell at me when i do.

moi: so over christmas, i cut myself pretty badly while cutting an onion. crusty juggler had to come and mop up the blood and put a band-aid on my finger because mister monkey was raging on and yelling and telling me i had to see a psychiatrist, which i really don't get. i mean, why does he tell me i need to see a shrink?

roommate: because you are cutting yourself.

which, i suppose does clarify things a bit: self-cutting is most definitely grounds for psychiatric intervention.

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Geneviève Goggin said...

Oh dear. Has it come to that. I agree that an intervention is in order.