05 January, 2013

2013 - the year of the bodily fluids

christmas came and went in a flurry of massive overconsumption of food and wine. our poor houseguest crusty juggler was dragged from one family home to another where she sat and listened to us talk about people she'd never seen or heard of with a slightly glazed look upon her face. we dined out, we dined in, essentially: we dined. a lot. and lo, it was good.

the new years soiree we hosted came off without a hitch, though the cold i'd been fighting with regular applications of vitamin C and zinc lozenges finally hit me. after 4 hours of sleep, i woke up in the newly minted 2013, cleaned up the post-party detritus, and realised i was sick. i spent the next 2 days on the couch, nursing a nasty chest cold, hacking up my lungs and emptying the contents of my nose into an ever growing drift pile of scrunched up tissues.

crusty juggler was supposed to leave on the 3rd, but she came down with either a violent stomach bug or food poisoning and managed to postpone her flight to the following day while periodically emptying the contents of her stomach into a bucket. despite my weakened state, i was the stronger of us two (mr. monkey took off to the mountains for 2 days) and provided juice, water and emotional support.

the night before last, having gone to bed optimistically with my coughing almost completely gone, i woke up to waves of nausea so intense that i didn't know what hit me. as a result of which, all of yesterday i spent alternating my upper and my nether regions over the toilet. crusty juggler, now being in the position of the stronger one, brought mint tea to my couch while i arranged a ride for her to the airport since there was no way i'd be able to move beyond the condo. she left and i languished and napped.

this morning, i woke up stronger and most definitely nausea-free, however my cold took the opportunity to return and lodge itself in my sinuses.

so, to recap 2013 so far - chest cold -> stomach flu -> head cold. getting ready for school on tuesday? not so much. i'm awaiting my imminent conjunctivitis, ebola and pneumonia with great impatience.


Geneviève Goggin said...

Shitty start to the new year. Pun intended.

Tom said...

So, you had a good time then!

the polish chick said...

g - yes.
tom - yes i did. right up until the moment that i stopped.

Tom said...

Well here's to a better re-start and an improving 2013.