14 December, 2012

school of life, baby!

this march i turned 40, quit the career i've been in for 17 years, left my hometown and mister monkey and moved 3h south to go to grad school. by november 1st i made the decision to remove my name from the register of dental hygienists (there goes the back-up plan!). i was miserable for the first 2/3 of the school year and blissfully happy for the last 1/3. overall, a fairly eventful year:

the theme for this year, other than terrifying change and uncontrollable tears, was learning from others, sometimes far younger others.

lessons of the year (some letters have been changed to appease my paranoia):

from c, dear, sweet c, i learned that it's ok to take it easy, chill out and sometimes just do the bare minimum. as a result, i finished my first semester with not half bad marks, having also managed to watch all five seasons of true blood, which i think is fairly impressive, given that i handed in all of my assignments early. c is my tv dealer at the moment (sorry, crusty juggler, you've been temporarily replaced) and my dealer in calm. 5 minutes with c, and i breathe a little deeper. and he's only 23! who knew there was wisdom in such youth?

from p i learned that i am as deeply in the box as he is outside of it, and that it's ok. our drives to and from calgary flew by in a flurry of conversational bliss and my constant amazement at the unbridled creativity and beautiful madness that fills his mind at all times.

from l i learned that the KISS* principle really and truly works. and that partnerships can be a good thing.

from bt i learned that things can come unexpectedly and madly out of ether and sometimes it's ok to keep your fucking big mouth shut. he'd disagree about the last bit, but i think i'm right here, and since it's my blog, i get final say. i intend to take the lesson to heart and be a little more circumspect. at least in some things.

from t i learned that friendships can be put on hold and then blossom again unexpectedly, and that family and home are fluid concepts. he has made me feel at home when i didn't think it possible and has listened and talked and eaten all the mandarin oranges i've managed to toss at him, figuratively and literally, drunk and sober.

from jn i learned that some friendships go on and on and on and just get better with age.

from j i learned that sometimes one ought to feel bad about wanting to kick people in the teeth. i want to kick people in the teeth so often that i'd forgotten this is not really a good thing. thanks for the reminder!

from cn i learned that first impressions can be wrong and though we would never work on paper, on the short bus we've become fast friends. i'm so looking forward to another semester of gossip and inappropriate humour.

from k i learned (again) that appearances can be deceiving and we are all hurt and broken up inside, even if we look just fine for the company, and that it's important to go to a movie for mental health reasons at least once a month.

from all my classmates i learned that i am good at presentations. from myself, i learned that i LOVE presenting in public, even getting off on it a little, if you don't mind me over-sharing (and if you do, what in the hell are you still doing here? go! there are better places for you out in the interwebs!).

i'm sure there were many more lessons, but this is all my feeble brain is able to conjure up at the moment.

what have you learned this year?

*keep it simple, stupid!

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Lucy said...

Somehow I missed this before, but it's really rather fab. You are a brave woman with plenty of brain cells left to work with.

Happy New Year!