10 December, 2012

everyone knows cows love cherries!

a magpie is sitting up in a pine tree
it looks down and sees a cow walk up
then the cow begins to slowly and laboriously climb up the pine tree
the magpie is looking on, amazed, until the cow, slightly out of breath, reaches the branch and sits next to the magpie
what are you doing up here, cow? says the magpie
oh, i just came up here to eat some cherries, says the cow
cow, this is a pine tree, not a cherry tree! says the magpie
not to worry, says the cow, i have the cherries in a little jar right here!


crusty juggler said...

I'm picturing the most adorable children's book here. I insist you draw this scene!

Geneviève Goggin said...

I also insist. That't two against one.

Lucy said...

That's so sweet! (Who are you and what have you done with the real Polish Chick?)

the polish chick said...

crusty and g, it might sound like a good idea, but i have it on good authority that the world of children's books is dark and fraught with danger. so there.

lucy, i'm still here, just medicated to the hilt to deal with the world of grad school which, incidentally, is also dark and fraught with danger, but which i must survive.

also, this was sent to me by a friend and i loved it so much i just had to share!