29 November, 2012

yes, we have no oranges!

this evening in the kitchen with my friend/roommate/landlord:

moi: (offensively) you need to eat these mandarin oranges before they dry out!

f/r/l: (defensively) i had one yesterday!

moi: one?!! i eat like seven a day!

f/r/l: (laughing) i don't look at eating fruit as a competitive activity!


Zhoen said...

Actually, with clementines, I think it is.

Geneviève Goggin said...

Seven! You're a light weight. At this time of year, you'd never be able to come close to my outstanding ability to eat mandarins.

Lucy said...

I kind of like them when they go a bit dried out. You can push them in and they stay pushed. And if you squeeze the juice out it's very sweet.

Alison Cross said...

I only eat easy-peel citrus fruit. Oranges are a messy work-up. Clementines are V tasty and I can eat a few per day.

But I am also capable of eating 12 kitkats in a day too, so, well, not sure I'm a reliable barometer for healthy eating regimes :-D


the polish chick said...

z - haven't had clementines in a while. but yes, with me, eating mandarins means a box every 3 days.

g - i didn't want to frighten my public. i've been known to eat far more than that!

lucy - i cut them into quarters and sucked them dry. alas, hard to do at school, so i peeled them like hard boiled eggs and it took forever!

ali - when in season, i eat ALL citrus fruit. i'm a seasonal fruit whore and hoover them madly until they run out.

crusty juggler said...

Consuming citrus can be most incommodious:

the polish chick said...

"we will repair to our rooms and consume our fruit in solitude." oh yes, do let's!

Lucy said...

That Cranford thing reminded me of my mum when she was a student nurse long ago and they'd occasionally get oranges which were a real treat, and they would save their oranges until bath time and eat them in the bath.