29 November, 2012

yes, we have no oranges!

this evening in the kitchen with my friend/roommate/landlord:

moi: (offensively) you need to eat these mandarin oranges before they dry out!

f/r/l: (defensively) i had one yesterday!

moi: one?!! i eat like seven a day!

f/r/l: (laughing) i don't look at eating fruit as a competitive activity!

frosty morning

texting this morning with my grad school buddy (instead of doing project work. yes, yes, yes, i know)

my school buddy, c.: it's snowy out.

moi: it's hoar frost! i love hoar frost! i also like saying hoar frost because it makes people go "huh? whore frost? wha?"

m.s.b.c.: me too, except for scraping the hoars off my car.

20 November, 2012


grad school has taught me many amazing things, none of which is as amazing as the previously foreign concept of the unfinished bottle of wine.