07 October, 2012

secrets and lies

last night we drove to mister monkey's mom's house for a late night cabbage roll extravaganza. we drove, as usual, through an abominably hideous late 90's lower-end suburban subdivision (all front garages and beige siding and cul-de-sacs). it was, to my mind, a closed system with only 2 ways in and out. little did i know...

mr. monkey: if you ever need to get out of here, you can turn right here at 130 st. it goes straight through.

moi: is this recent?

mr. monkey: no. it's always been there.

moi: and you never told me this? not these 13 years?!

mr. monkey: ...

moi: what else have you been hiding from me?!?!?

02 October, 2012

brought to you by the letter "i"

can you say "inappropriate"? i KNEW you could!

first things first, your kind comments brought happy tears to my eyes. they really did. and i am sticking with it for the time being. the Big Scary Project that was keeping a tight fist on my giblets for weeks has been overcome (and how*!) and the two projects coming up tomorrow are fun and the essay due on tuesday, well, it's an essay, so that's that.

i still can't sleep and have started seriously considering getting a wrist tattoo that says "breathe" on account of my occasional forgetting but the morning of the Big Scary Project i found myself catapulted from the depths of despair (friday night wine, i'm looking at you!) into the manic pinnacles of irrepressible giggles and this ridiculous high has remained with me all week (... wait, it's only tuesday, but i feel like i have lived lifetimes since monday so you get the idea). today started with a group meeting (i had the distinct pleasure of telling mr. monkey that i couldn't talk because i was in a meeting - ha!) after which i took a well-deserved break in our studio space.

i sit in a corner in the uncool part of the room and all the fun kids hang out across the wall, but hey, it's nice and quiet and nobody disturbs me (though i can't speak to the reciprocity of that sentiment: i do, after all, have a bit of a mouth on me). today i decided to watch an episode of true blood and, in true HBO fashion, it didn't take long for clothes to start flying off and for various unmentionable parts of the anatomy to start jiggling around in a sweaty throbby rhythmic way. i was near the end of the episode when i realised that someone coming up from behind would have been treated to the sight of me watching what appeared to be porn, in our class, during the day, sitting all alone in the dark. so yeah.

also today, i walked with a classmate to a nearby cafe where he got himself an americano misto. when i looked over i realised that instead of this, his coffee was graced with this. we giggled uncontrollably and i had the decency to blush, but neither one of us had the presence of mind to take a picture: i don't know if i'll ever be able to forgive myself.

the rest of the day followed suit with inappropriate comments, accidental crotch elbowings and the like. i blame my psychotic high, a ridiculous lack of sleep (that i plan to remedy with the judicial application of lorazepam as soon as i've finished my blogging homework) and hunger (that i plan to remedy with the judicial application of soup as soon as it's ready).

so, like i said before, it's not so bad.

*i believe my partner and i spent 1/10 the time everyone else did on this project and watching the rest of the class linger past closing time working on 3D animated scratch-and-sniff sparkle-coloured unicorns while we drew lines and squares, contributed hugely to my feeling of deep-seated malaise. we chose the simple direct route and it seems to have paid off. lesson learned: don't look at other people's shit: no good can come of it, in either the metaphorical or the literal sense.