19 September, 2012

apples and oranges

recently, while buying my new laptop for school:

friendly store clerk: how are you going to pay for that?

moi: reluctantly.


Lucy said...

Did you get a flicker of response?

So you've moved on from working with felt pens already?

Lots more good luck!

the polish chick said...

lucy, i actually got a laugh. and at this point in the game, i'm bloody wishing we would work with felt pens. the computer is killing me!

the way this program is working so far is like this: imagine you sign up for an automotive mechanic class and the first thing that happens when you show up is that they tell you to build a car. never mind that you don't know how an engine works or how to wield a tool, there you are, go build a car. what's your problem? there's youtube, innit?

sigh... i will survive, i will survive, i will survive...