30 September, 2012

so you wanna go to grad school...

today, in the car with my roommate:

t: i find the idea of scratch-and-sniff urban planning revolting.

and rightly so.

in related news, less than a month of school has passed and i have managed to have a full blown emotional breakdown (brought on by yoga), chronic stress-related insomnia, an A+ (no big deal, it was an off-the-cuff essay and i have always had a way with rhetorical flourishes),  daily several moments of almost giving it all up, multiple pep talks (to self), several episodes of weeping, one sustained episode featuring snot-bubbles and uncontrollable sobbing, more pep talks (to others), lots of inexplicable gas, an increasingly nostalgic view of the dental profession (when i had weekends! and went to bed early! and worked 8h/day) and a schedule the likes of which i have never experienced in my life before.

3 projects are due this week. an essay was also due on friday, but the merciful heavens softened the hard heart of an academic and he moved it to tuesday next week.

i no longer know what day of the week it is because a wednesday only differs from a sunday in the greater flexibility of the time i show up at school on a sunday.

i am at school from 9 till 7, and then work at home till midnight.

i am unhappy, lonely, chronically tired, bloated, confused, and sometimes angry.

i am drinking far too much... tea.

1 month down, 7 more to go. and then i get to do it once more.


but, you know, it's not bad.

19 September, 2012

apples and oranges

recently, while buying my new laptop for school:

friendly store clerk: how are you going to pay for that?

moi: reluctantly.