29 August, 2012

and off she goes!

in the preceding week i worked my very last day ever as a dental drudge and celebrated said day with a ceremonial trashing of my duty shoes. it felt good but somewhat surreal. all of this, really, feels like the busy time before a big trip, a trip that fails to feel like reality until you are sitting on the plane and baby, i am about to get on.

in the last several days (when i wasn't hopped up (. . . no, wait, hopped down?) on lorazepam) i took my clothes out of my assorted wardrobes, shelves, drawers and storage boxes and laid them all out; gathered up my footwear; purchased multi-coloured felt pens and pencil crayons*, an architectural scale**, a roll of tracing paper***, a green cutting board, and a kick-ass green monster lunch bag that holds all of my colouring implements in one place, and made myself ready for the long and treacherous trek to the city of calgary where i shall make my home for the next two years.

dear poultries, the time is nigh, education beckons, and i seem to have mostly conquered the irrational fear that i shall fail at this spectacularly and come crawling back with a soggy toothbrush between my teeth and my ego shattered irreparably. complete strangers tell me i will do well. friends, too, of course, and so i wrap my belongings in a largish kerchief which i shall hang on a walking stick as i set off on this new adventure. embrace change, they tell me. well, looks like i don't have a choice, don't it?

wish me luck and i shall try to keep you posted. if i do fail spectacularly and jump off a bridge or something, i will ask mister monkey to let y'all know, ok?


* yes, i am going to be getting a master's in colouring, apparently
** the use of which, in practice if not in theory, remains a perfect mystery to me
*** ditto


Tom said...

Don't you dare jump off a bridge if your plans don't work out the way you want! Actually, I'm sure everything will work out fine.

Bon Chance.

Geneviève said...

Crayons and tracing paper...that sounds a lot more fun than what I studied. I can't wait for an update. Have a wonderful week, my friend! xo

Joan said...

You won't "fail" even if this is not the course you want! Life is a learning experience and this is just another adventure! Also, stay off bridges!

Good luck!

Cthulku said...

A master's in colouring... sounds about right ;-)

Totes jelly. Even though I suck at colouring. Give me fill tool or give me death!