30 July, 2012


i'll be the first to admit that i'm as unhip as the next person (provided the next person is very unhip indeed) but i am not totally out of the loop (ok, i actually am almost completely out of the loop, but i have once seen the loop and can vaguely describe it in a way that will make you look into the middle distance and then quickly find a reason to go away). this is what happened today:

i cleaned the teeth of a 22-year old hipster kid whose hipsterness was evidenced by his hair, glasses, footwear and clothing. he did not have a moustache but i think it was only because his body was as of yet unable to produce one of appropriately emphatic proportions. somehow or other we got onto the subject of music and, judging him completely by his hipster cover, i took a plunge and asked him about a band - a small band, an indie band, a lovely band, really, and a band 99% of people would know nothing about. he gave me a wide eyed stare and proclaimed himself a "huuuuge fan," after which, with the flourish of a magician pulling a second rabbit out of a hat, i named another band. he beamed at me. this, too, was one of his favourites. we tossed some names back and forth, gave each other suggestions and went our separate ways (me - presenting him with an electric toothbrush and floss in a baggie, him - presenting me with the fluoride he had expectorated into a small plastic cup, hardly a fair exchange). i retained a feeling of buoyancy for the rest of the afternoon - here was i, a 40 year old dental hygienist, sharing esoteric musical taste with a 22-year old hipster kid, how cool is that?

it wasn't until the evening that i had to laugh - poor kid, that initial elation at finding a random stranger who likes the same indie stuff that you do must have eventually given way to a feeling of complete horror: he, after all, shares his esoteric musical taste with a 40 year old dental hygienist! i bet he's deleting his ipod playlist as we speak.


Zhoen said...

Nonsense, he's hopeful for the first time that he can still be hip when he's old.

Joan said...

You give away electric toothbrushes?! How modern! Your dentist must be expensive!

The hipster might have been surprised that you don't spend your evenings knitting and churning butter!

Joan said...

Also, this site is a pain in the ass to submit a comment! I have to try at least three times to prove "I'm not a robot" because the shitty lettering is so hard to read!! You can't even assume the word as they are not real words! Why do people put up with this? Other sites have fixed this problem by making the words legible! (Ahhhh, cleansing breath)

Alison Cross said...

You are tooooooo cooooool to hang out with me :-D

I am not cool. My son now walks 10 steps ahead or behind me and forbids any kind of conversation. I won't be hip with him again until I become a serial killer.

Which, judging by the way his father behaved at the wedding last weekend, won't be far away.....

Ali x

the polish chick said...

sorry joan about the hoops i'm having you jump through but i was for a while overrun with ads and crap so i needed to add that feature.