06 May, 2012

last night at the monkey shack

last night we hosted cher monsieur antoine at the monkey shack. beer was consumed, movies discussed:

c. m. a.: have you seen the film "into the wild"?

moi: is this the movie where the guy goes and dies?

c. m. a.: yes.

moi: bleh.

c. m. a.: no! no! it's very life-affirming. . . up until that point.


Lucy said...

I think he died after eating green potato. Haven't seen it though.

To come back to your photo, did you know you had a podgy little guy growing out of the back of your neck? (Sorry, it's not your dad is it? Or Mr Monkey?)

the polish chick said...

ha! no, no it's not mister monkey. i have no idea who it is, in fact. it's a rare photo of myself that i actually like, taken at our friends' wedding from which i cropped out as much background as i could leaving my head, with whatever odd growths there were.

i had to laugh at your photo comment - mister monkey is a little pudgy (i had to look up "podgy" to see that it meant something very similar to "pudgy")but still fairly hirsute and (to me, at least) far better looking, and my dad is a tall, athletic ultra marathoner. neither one comes close to that guy/growth.

the polish chick said...

also, i think i was commenting on your camino post, just as you were commenting on mine. i am still amazed that you, with your philosophical tendencies, find my potty mouth blog interesting. but i do love having you here!

crusty juggler said...

I saw "Into the Wild" long ago, but I remember getting the same creepy feeling I got while watching Herzog's documentary "Grizzly Man" since this is an adaptation of real events.
The guy in this movie seems too good to be true. He's so idealistic, taking self-sufficiency to the extreme. First dude's all, "You don't need human relationships to be happy, God has placed it all around us. It's in everything and in anything we can experience." But at the end dude's all, "Happiness is only real if shared." And then he essentially ended up killing himself because of a stupid, stubborn lack of preparation. Good movie.

the polish chick said...

lucy, here's me without the growth, thanks to crusty juggler's mad photo shop skillz.

Geneviève said...

I almost watched it the other day but then thought I needed a more cheerful movie. Knowing the guy dies makes it less intriguing somehow.

Lucy said...

Hey, he's gone! Just turned into leafy nothingness... Well done Crusty!

I like it when people keep it short and make me laugh. Wish I could.

crusty juggler said...

Thanks, Lucy! I just couldn't let her go on that way.