25 May, 2012

i is what i is, and what i is, increasingly, is dumb

yesterday an out-of-town friend, fp, came to stay for a few days owing to a family emergency. because of all our general laziness busyness, we decided to forego cooking and opted for pizza from our local pizza joint. because i am truly dumb when it comes to spatial imagination (wait! i want to be an urban planner? when i don't know the difference between 12" and 22" ?! let's hope the program is entirely in metric, eh?) i ordered two huuuuge pizzas, enough to feed a multitude.

moi: well, the good thing about a bigger pizza is that there are the middle pieces; you know, not as much... dough?
mr. monkey: you mean crust?
moi: christ! i'm going to grad school and i can't even remember my own name!
fp: your name is crust?


Zhoen said...

Better than Mudd.

Geneviève said...

Perhaps you will come out less spatially challenged after two years of schooling. But then again, you can never have too much cold pizza for breakfast.

the polish chick said...

oddly enough, i'm eally really good at parallel parking, which is all about spatial imagination, so i don't get it. when it comes to length of small measurable things (pizza! computer screen!) or larger things (building height! land size!) i am completely befuddled. mr. monkey has to explain it to me using a tape measure (for the former) and oddly enough football fields (for the latter). i really don't know why i *get* the size of a football field, but it must be because i traversed many in my childhood and it obviously made a mark. and for the record - i have never played football nor am i likely to ever do so unless i suffer one of those personality changing strokes or tumours.

Alison Cross said...

I only work in feet and inches. The metric system has utterly passed me by. I recall it being introduced and felt instinctively that the new fangled method was Not For Me.

You were probably right with the 'dough' thing. Crust is around the edge, but is most often just dough.

You haz spacial, and special, imagination :-)

At least you don't have a son who graffittis a large penis on the side of a prominent building.

Ali xxxxx