14 May, 2012

get going on the whole memorial thing 'cause i don't know if i'll make it through the week

mister monkey was napping on the couch, so i sat in the armchair with my laptop eponymously in my lap, watching fluffy tv with my headphones on so as not to disturb him. the phone rang and, being bloody lazy dedicated to the whole multitasking thing, i picked up my laptop, kept my headphones on, and walked over to where the phone was. on the way, as is my wont, i got tangled up in the ridiculously long headphone cable, tripped, fell forward and smacked myself wholeheartedly in the face with my laptop.

it hurt. i might possibly have a black eye.

and if you think this is just the crazy creative excuse of a woman secretly beaten by her husband, let me remind you of the time i gave myself a black eye when the lunch bag carrying my eco-friendly heavy glass container flew out of my hand as i was unlocking the car door and smacked me in the brow-ridge. it is truly a miracle of epic proportions (as opposed to those regular, economy-size miracles like the weeping virgin mary appearing to orphaned children in various corners of eastern and/or southern europe) that i am still alive.

christ, can i handle grad school!? when i can hardly walk across living room without giving myself a concussion?


Tom said...

Probably not! But I'm sure the other students will enjoy having you around for entertainment. I know one shouldn't laugh at the afflicted, but really.......

the polish chick said...

nice. thanks. good to have you, tom. who needs support when you can have mockery and derision?

Zhoen said...

Sounds like you're perfect for grad school.

As long as you don't require stitches, doesn't count.