21 May, 2012

dinner! with wine! and cheese! and more cheese! and look! more cheese still!

last night we hosted yet another dinner party. this time, in the interests of reducing superfluities in our overloaded social calendar, we hosted two lovely couples which resulted in oft-hoped for social synergy: everyone liked everyone else a whole lot, conversation and laughter flowed as did the wine, and all was good in the world, at least for a night.

some time after the seventh appetizer course and before the main course, my cousin phoned me up to tell me that if i hurried, i could still catch a bit of the eclipse. eclipse! what eclipse!? needless to say, all of us (smart, educated, thinking people one and all, honest to god) grabbed our shoes and ran down five flights of stairs, down the hall and out the door only to find ourselves staring at. . . well, the sun. which, in case you haven't noticed, is rather bright. and hurty. we sheepishly squinted in its general direction for several seconds before dejectedly hiking back to our apartment (we took the stairs! to work off some of the cheese!) having accomplished absolutely sweet fuck-all in the eclipse-observing department.

i blame the alcohol, i really do: what else would cause all six of us to stampede towards an event that even a third grader will tell you ought not be attempted without proper eye protection?


Geneviève said...

I actually remember in third grade (or maybe it was in fifth grade, but whatever), the window of our classroom was vandalized the day before an eclipse and they had to board it up. And instead of giving us eye protection to see this wonderful event, they locked us up in the school over recess. I'm still traumatized.

Geneviève said...
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